NYC 2015 bike map, free: [2015]

Map No. NYC-2015.Fl

Panel title. Designed to be folded to 21 x 11 cm. Shows bike paths, lanes, and routes, existing and proposed. Also shows bike shops, parks, transit facilities, hospitals, and other places of interest. Includes notes, color illustations, 26 insets and a legend in English, Spanish and Chinese. Also includes larger scale map of Manhattan with adjacent parts of Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn (approximately 1:41,000) map of Staten Island (approximately 1:82,500) 12 insets color illustrations diagrams, and text regarding bike laws and safety information about taking bikes on mass transit and index/directory to bike shops on verso.

Road maps
93 × 61 cm
New York (N.Y.).; Department of Transportation,
In copyright, low resolution only
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Brooklyn Historical Society
NYC 2015 bike map, free:; [2015], Map Collection, NYC-2015.Fl; Brooklyn Historical Society.
Scale approximately 1:65,
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