[Survey maps of roads in Brooklyn] [ca.1888]

Map No. Bergen-[18--?]dd.Fl

Cadastral survey maps cover areas in modern-day Bay Ridge and Coney Island. Show property, roads, and names of landowners. Grade profile of elevation of 4th Avenue in modern-day Bay Ridge. Title devised by cataloger. 3 maps attributed to Teunis G. Bergen, based on handwriting on pieces. Includes calculations. Map 3 covers area identical to: [Survey maps of Kings County Penitentiary Grounds and Vanderveer encroachment onto Clarendon property] (Bergen-[18–]aa.Fl) also held by BHS. Maps found rolled together in BHS archives and cataloged as a unit to preserve context. [Survey map of the frontage of the island of farm of heirs of Robert B. Lefferts along the road from village of New Utrecht to Bay Ridge and Fort Hamilton]. [Map of area from the line of the property of G. Van Brunt to the street opening adjoining Vorhees]. [Survey map of road in Brooklyn showing Vanderveer encroachment onto Clarendon property in Coney Island]. 4th Avenue: blue lines and figures show change of grade, sent Sept. 29, 1888 / V. B. Bergen, C.E.

15 × 116 cm
Bergen, Teunis G.,
Public Domain
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Brooklyn Historical Society
[Survey maps of roads in Brooklyn]; [ca.1888], Map Collection, Bergen-[18--?]dd.Fl; Brooklyn Historical Society.
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